Monday, August 01, 2005

First MEL Script

I wrote my first MEL script last friday. The script is designed to randomly modify a blendshape. The script has four descrete steps:

  • randomly adjust the blendshape influences

  • create a keyframe

  • advance three frames

  • repeat

For those who are not familiar with the blend shape concept, it is essentially the morphing from one main shape to one or more target shapes with varying degrees combinations of influence. It is often utilized in facial animation. The blend shape would be the standard head and the targets would each have a different expression. Once that is set up you can operate the facial expression using sliders that affect the influence of each target over the blend shape.

So the thinking behind my script is that it could be used to randomly cycle through near infinite combinations of facial expressions rarely if ever repeating itself. I will load the test animation later today. the code is here .


Blogger Erin said...

They look like organs! Not the musical ones, the ones in your body!

6:54 AM  

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