Saturday, July 23, 2005

Hello World

It's like 4:00 on Saturday morning and I can't sleep so here is an update on my programming escapade. I am almost half way through my class (it is only like a month long) and although I have not done all that much programming yet I am becoming comfortable with the syntax. Thanks to Matt, I have successfully acquired and installed Visual and produced the requisite "Hello World" program. For those who don't know, writing a program that tells the computer to print "Hello World" is like an initiation or right of passage for programming. I suppose the Maya equivalent would be rendering a sphere or something.

In addition to keeping up with my C homework I have been trying to read up on MEL scripting. I was glad to find few substantive differences between C and MEL. The biggest difference so far is that MEL requires a $ before all variables (Im sure there are more differences). For those interested in MEL, Bryan Ewert has a great site dedicated to both MEL and API. The documentation that comes with Maya has also been very useful. In my latest complimentary issue of HDRI (thanks guys), Robin Scher has an article called "Uncle Robin's Mini Guide to MEL volume 1:". He does a nice job of laying out the basics of programming in MEL. I am looking forward to Part 2 of the article as it will get into writing actual scripts.

All this programming talk is bringing me back to my LOGO days. Back in the 80's I took a class in LOGO, I was like 7 or 8. All I can remember is that we worked on the Apple2e and spent weeks making digital spiralgraphs. Some things never change.


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