Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Deep Paint 2.0 Free Download

Deep Paint 3d (version 2.0), an interactive paint and texture tool from Right Hemisphere, is now available as a free download. I had looked into this tool a while ago as my teacher at RISD mentioned that it is very usefull tool but its cost was around $500.00. Seeing that it is now available for free I will definitely give it a shot. It appears the download version 2.0 is not increadibly limited when compared to the current version 2.2. My guess is that Z-Brush has been dominating the market for this type of paint and texture program forcing to Deep Paint 3D to try a new strategy. Maya has also added better compatibility with Photoshop making some of the features of these 3rd party programs obselete. To my knowledge they do not offer Deep Paint 3D for the Mac.


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