Saturday, May 21, 2005

The force is strong with this one!

I just got back from watching Episode 3 and I must say I have under-estimated R2. I had no idea he could shoot ink at people. This could mean a complete redesign for Rust-Bot. At least Rust-Bot's self ejecting head will save him from getting an inky face. I may have to study up on the dark side of the force to get the R2 model into Maya version 4.5.


Blogger Patrick said...

Ink! That was 10w40 grade Mobil Superflow Motor Oil! Notice how R2 sparks up the black liquid and broils the offending robots? Oil!

It's understandable though. I too spent a fare share of the mobie imagining the modeling and animation involved in the whole process. Something tells me that Lucasfilm's R2 wireframe is a wee bit more complex than the one I put together.... plus they probably used shaders and bump mapping and millions of dollars and thousands of hours of time.

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