Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Back from Kentucky

Hi all, I am back from Kentucky but there is crapload of work on my desk so my Robot Battle animation will be delayed even more :( That's right; emoticons are totally called for in a situation like this. Pat, I hear ya on the long waits for rendering. I do have some suggestions. Try and figure out what parts of your animation are the most expensive in terms of causing long render times. One mistake a lot of people make is to turn on raytraced shadows for everything in the scene when they could get away with using just a few selected shadows. I would also try to keep your lights simple as more lights equals longer renders. This doesn't mean your lighting has to be boring, just try to maximize the efficiency. Another time saver is to preview your animation before you render it in full quality. I sometimes make play blasts of my scenes to preview them before I commit to a long-term render. The most important factor in long render times is your computer. If your scenes are built efficiently and your render times are still mega-slow it may be time to upgrade your hardware. But in the end it is best to remember our fore fathers who would spend days to render out a static sphere on a checkered background. Now that’s dedication.


Blogger Alley Party said...

Here's a relevent story I heard in class today. In the 1988 olympics they wanted to have some cutting edge 3d shapes animated for the opening ceremonies, stick skiers and rotating gold medals, all that flashy stuff. They wrote out (is that what you call it) the entire sequence and realized they didn't have the computing power to actually render it. Thats where Umass Lowell stepped in. We had a whole mess of Apollo machines (a company started in Chelmsofrd that is now defunct). These machiens were the best available and they flew the programmers over from Korea (or wherever it was) to use our computers to render the project. True story....

5:05 PM  
Blogger Patrick said...

Thanks for the words of wisdown Jay.

Word up to vaccuum tube computers rendering the olympics!

7:26 PM  

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