Saturday, May 14, 2005

Article Updates

I recently bought the latest issues of 3D world and HDRI to read on my flight to Kentucky. I did not end up having much time to read through them, but I made sure to read the article on transferring
CAD models to DCC applications
. Frankly, I was disappointed. While I have no doubt that the author (Jason Clark) is probably very experienced at bringing files back and forth between programs, I felt the article fell flat. As I have posted
before, I spend a lot of time dealing with CAD files of various kinds not opening correctly in Maya, so I was hoping this article would contain the magic bullet to stop my woes. Really the article is little more than an advertisement for Okino Polytrans, an expensive piece of software that essentially transfers the files for you. While using Okino Polytrans may be a fine solution to bringing models between various programs, its cost is prohibitive for many folks, and there has to be an alternate way to transfer files. An appropriate analogy would be an article on character modeling with polygons that reads "Buy Maya." The worst part is he doesn't really discuss how to use Poltrans either. The bulk of the article is spent assessing the problems involved and offers few solutions.

I have not yet had a chance to read the 3D World Magazine, but I was interested to see that the cover story involves Real Flow. Some of you may remember my brief attempt at using Real Flow for a Fluid Dynamics project at work. Ultimately I decided it was over-priced and poorly supported and opted for another solution. I am curious to see if such a highly publicized tutorial (Front cover/Major magazine) can guide [the user] past the broken English in the instruction manual.

I don't want to be all negative, so I will point out that Eric Keller had a sweet article in the last issue of HDRI on retro-futuristic computer displays using Maya's Paint Effects. He seems like an interesting guy in general; his background is in medical animations. He has a brief version of the tutorial from the magazine on his website. Also be sure to check out his Tron-style animations.


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