Monday, April 18, 2005

Sick Cycles Server Down

So I post all my images and video clips on my brothers server and it appears to be down. I can't complain because I get the space for free and it usually works fine (thanks dude). There is a link to his site, Sick Cycles, on my side bar. If you visit his site be sure to check out the Ninja Cart. I think I may need to investigate a back-up plan for times like this when his server is down. Hopefully my bot will be posted in the next 24 hrs. I know there are places to post for free but I am not familiar with any of them at this moment.

With the Robot Battle taking center stage the last few weeks and the nice weather drawing me outside, I have failed to keep up to date with industry news and generally interesting Maya stuff. For example I just found out today that Adobe is in the process of buying Macromedia. I will be interested to see what comes of that, as I am sure all CG types will be.


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