Thursday, April 14, 2005

Scrap Bot Animation Test

So it took me a while to remember even the basics of rigging but I think my bot is almost ready for animation. Here is a test sequence. The file is just over 1 Meg so give it 3 or 4 minutes to download. I will try an optimize future video postings for the net.

In other news, upon further investigation, I have decided to let Matt back into Robot Battle 2005. Matt's fans have started a letter writing campaign by which they are accusing me and the Mayaloge federation of racial discrimination. Apparently the ratio of silver bots to fleshy toned bots is out of balance so we are forced to reconcile by admitting the Rambis Toast-Head into the competition. The federation will ask that a mustache and black glasses be applied to the toast head so as to increase the likeness to Kurt Rambis. There will be no penalty for failure to meet this request.


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