Saturday, March 05, 2005


Erin is looking at wedding dresses with our Moms and her Sis right now so I decided to stop into the office. I opened a project I haven't touched since last summer on restraints that I want to canabilize for the Science challenge project. The models are all right but I think they need a lot of work. When I made them I had not yet done much with texturing, lighting and animation and I think they would look better if I made them with nurbs instead of poly's. The first model is a typical seat belt locking mechanism. In the animation it shows an exploded view and then closes and latches.The materials look too similar and fake-ish but I think it gets the idea across well. The second piece is what is called a tensioner. The tensioner is what keeps your seat belt from giving out any slack during an accident. It is actually a pretty simple device, there is a weight connected to rod with a plate on the opposite end. The enertia from a sudden stop causes a weight to swing forward the plate engages and stops the gears from spooling any more slack. Again the model and animation get the idea across but I think they could look a lot better. The last assembly I modeled is called the pre-tensioner. Like the tensioner, the pre-tensioner stop the seat belt from spooling during impact. In the pretensioner a small explosion sends a plate into the gears milliseconds after the impact and effectively locks the belt. I am excited about cleaning up the pretensioner because I get to animate an explosion.


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