Saturday, March 19, 2005

Play in Traffic

Hey all, so I have a crazy new 3D project at work that requires me to fly to the city of brotherly love and stand in the middle of a busy highway at 4:30 in the morning and take pictures. Per usual I can't say much more than that but it should keep me pretty busy, night-and-day for the next 2 weeks (I will only be in Philly for 2 days). I may not be able to post with the frequency I have up until now. I know what your thinking, you just can't go 2 full weeks with-out hearing about PDFs, .FBX, MPRs and how much I want to buy Z-Brush. I will do my best to add posts when I can, maybe if I learn some Maya tricks on this new project, I can share them here. Coincidently, I have made Pat D an administrative member of mayaloge. So in addition to his occasional posts I have been shamelessly leaning on him to spruce up the site a little (cause he got skills).


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