Friday, March 04, 2005

Particle Morphing

Last night I was thinking about how it would be cool to morph the shape of hundreds of particles as they bounced around the screen. I have never read anything a bout using blendshapes (Maya morphing tool) on particles but I tested it out this morning and it works great. I made a playblast (quick and dirty animation using screen capture) of the morph and you can check it out here. The file is 100 k but shouldn't cause any problems. Hope to use this effect for something more interesting in the future.

I also had a chance to go through the MPR tutotrial. I could see how it would be really usefull if you were going to produce a lengthy animation but it seems like a lot of work for the stuff I make. essentially you go in and hand code attributes using mel scripts. You use two scripts for each attribute, one to turn on the effect and another to terminate it. If you consider an average scene has hundreds of attributes to key you are looking at a lot of time here. The advantage to all this is that you can adjust things like shadows and specularity inside a compositing program like After Effects instead of making those changes in Maya and having to re-render everything. If anyone wants to check it out and gets stuck let me know and I can help'm out.


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