Sunday, March 13, 2005

Maya Sucks

I just got back from spending 3 hours on a Sunday at work trying to make progress on a big project. There is a total love/hate duality between me Maya. The program is capable of so much that it can be impossible to get the one thing done you really need to accomplish. I won't blab too much, but here is the problem. I was trying to create a texture for a quarter mile stretch of roadway and the problem was that it needed to look clear both far away and close up. If that's not bad enough, the same texture needed to look clear when a small section of the roadway is printed 40" x 60". After working at building the texture for a few hours I realized that the texture would have to have a print size of like 400 + inches to cover the entire stretch of roadway. So maybe its not so much Maya I hate as it is this project I am working on. And just like that I have forgiven Maya.

Yesterday was the first day I did not post on Mayabloge since I started about a month ago. We lost power and when it came back on I was lazy. Friday I went to see Robots with Erin, Pat and Kate. It was fun hanging with Pat and Kate but the movie could have been better. There were a lot of cool animated effects, maybe too many. You know its a bad thing if a 3D geek like me thinks there are too many animated effects in your movie. The story line was boring and predictable, the characters lacked personality.

Lastly, I did get a chance to work on the Audi yesterday. I decided to start a Nurbs version. I figure I will develop the Poly version and the Nurbs version simultaneously.


Blogger papillon68 said...

I totally agree with you: Maya it's too complex, Microsoft-like, the right slogan for it would be: "Why do things easy when can be done difficult ?"

11:44 AM  

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