Thursday, March 31, 2005

Light at the end of the tunnel

After working 20 + hours over the weekend and another 17 hours yesterday my animation is almost complete. So after spending day and night working on this serious project, I am now craving something more lighthearted and fun. As such, I am officially challenging Patrick (thats right, you) to a Robot duel. Here is how it works, there are no rules, all you have to do is make a robot character and send the maya file to me. I intern, will do the same. We then import each others robots into the same file as our own and animate them kicking each others asses. I don't plan on spending a lot of time on this, and you don't have to create a melbot or anything, just thought it would be fun to have a quick, silly project that would be enteraining enough to actually finish. By the way the movie poster is from one of my favorite robot movies, Silent Running with Bruce Dern. He is an enviromentalist with two little robot buddies, why can't I get a job like that?


Blogger Patrick said...

Oh, it's so on mutha-truckah

what's our modeling deadline?

It's like Iron Chef, but with more NURBS.

5:20 PM  
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