Thursday, March 10, 2005

Kudos to Alias (Maya)

Remember when I posted that Alias/Maya had purchased Kaydera and now had the rights to the .fbx format? Well yesterday, Alias announced that the software development kit for .fbx will be free to anyone who wants it. Initially I was worried that Alias would stifle the use of .fbx by making it a proprietary format but they have done the right thing here. Anybody who has to bring 3d files across different software platforms should be really happy about this. In addition to freeing up the .fbx format, Alias announced the release of a personal learning edition (PLE) version of Motion Builder. Motion Builder also developed by Kaydera and acquired by alias is a sophisticated motion capture software that allows you to animate based on data retrieved from real life. This sort of animation is used all the time in Hollywood most recently in the Polar Express (Yeah, Iknow that movie sucked). I will be downloading the PLE this weekend, I will post more thoughts then.

I feel like my posts have become a little to tech-oriented so I thought I would add a link to a dancing Robot to keep folks interested. That’s right, read the boring stuff and then you get to see the dancing robot.


Blogger Patrick said...

Jay, I support both more techish articles, and more information about robots. These frequent posts rule!

How's the A4 model going? I tried that Tutorial on the Subaru WRX, but it was obscenely over my head, so I'm trying the Ford Focus tutorial for the time being.

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