Monday, March 14, 2005

Holy Freakin Crap!

When I was a kid, me and my brothers use to dream about winning the Toys-R-Us shopping spree. We would discuss the finer points of how to get the most toys in the shortest period of time, how to optimize the space within the carriage to accommodate the most stuff and so forth. Alas, we never had the chance to implement our well crafted plans. Tonight may be the closest I ever come to making that dream a reality. Pat found the "Mother Link" to the nurbs guide I posted about earlier and my God is there a lot of stuff there. I am talking about thousands of well written pages on everything Maya has to offer. From character animation to rendering and subdivision modeling. You could honestly spend over a thousand dollars at the bookstore and not get half of the info I just spent the last hour downloading. I am not really sure where to start reading, I guess I will just use it as a reference for anything I would need to find out about. At first I thought maybe it was just a PDF version of the Maya help menu but it is way to useful to be that. It appears to have been published by Alias, maybe it was made available before Alias decided it could rip off Maya users by charging a ton of money to explain how there software works? It is slightly out of date, the files are dated 2002 and it is written for Maya 4.5, for Mac OSX. However, most if not all of the content should still be relevant. Im going to stop writing now or else might never stop talking about how awesome this is.


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