Monday, March 14, 2005

Free nurbs guide

I found this link to download a PDF on nurbs modeling. It may actually be a PDF version of the Maya help for nurbs, I will check on this, but it is still very helpful and the most complete explanation of nurbs in Maya that I have come across. Most importantly it is free.

This PDF is a perfect example of why Mayabloge is a good thing. I found the same PDF months ago and forgot to book mark it. Now that I am modeling in nurbs more frequently I thought "hey, where did I see that PDF on nurbs?". Now I know I can find it at Mayaloge if I ever need it again.


Blogger Patrick said...

Jay, good find. Did you check the many other guides on the same site:

7:14 PM  
Blogger Jay said...

Wow, I checked and got nothin but looks like theres a whole bunch of stuff after all. My guess is this is a digital copy of a book that somehow made its way onto the internet. I am in the process off downloading all the PDF's. Good catch!

9:50 PM  

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