Wednesday, March 09, 2005


I didn't model this car or this figure but I did make the airbag. I actually have been thinking about how to animate an airbag for a while. I couldn't find any tutorials but I think the the technique I developed on my own works pretty killer (no pun intended). first I created a sphere and turned it into a soft body. Then I applied gravity to the soft body and animated it scaling from a small sphere into a large sphere. When the soft body hit the figure it molded to the his shape but it was reall ragged looking. To smooth out the edges and give myself more controll over the animation I set up a blend shape comprised of several stages taken from the dynamic simulation. OK, that doesn't even make sense to me and I am writting this. Maybe I will write out a tutorial on this one when I get some more time as I think it is a fairly original concept. Anyway, here are two playblasts of the animation movie 1 movie 2


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