Sunday, February 13, 2005

(SOD) Galactic Orange

I think I have this shader sharing figured out. I am exporting the shader on a sphere because when I export just the shader and no geometry it doesn't carry over the whole shader. The file is still tiny and that's all that really matters for now. I made this first shader Galactic Orange pretty quickly just to use as a trial for the sharing. I am not sure how usefull it will be (or any of the shaders I post for that matter). I remember a famous photographer saying something about taking thousands of photos just to get one good one. So I figure if I keep pumping out shaders one of them is bound to be cool. Besides, they are really fun to make.


Blogger Patrick said...

Hi Jay, I downloaded the .mb file. Is there a particular path that I should put the file in in order to use it on a projet?


Pat D

7:28 PM  

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