Monday, February 28, 2005

Maya Malfunction

So when I came into work this morning I realized non of the files I had saved on Friday would open correctly. I was really bummed out and confused as to what happened. I am still not sure what went wrong but I think it either had something to do with the 6.5 upgrade I installed on Friday or the mjpolytool's plug-in I use. I think complex models built with mjpolytools slow down maya because you may not be able to delete the history. For this and other reasons I would suggest anyone on a PC purchase Byron's Polytools for fast polygon modeling. It does the same job as mjpolytools only it is more stable. Unfortunately, Byron's Polytools is not compatible with Macs. In more positive news, lastnight, Chris Landreth won an Oscar for his short "Ryan". I have not seen it yet but if shows locally I would like to check it out. Also winning awards were Spiderman 2 and the Incredibles.


Blogger Patrick said...

Jay, that blows goats! I hope you can somehow salvage your files ?! Maya got back to me yesterday regarding the 6.5 upgrade, and they're checking to see if I'm elligible.

We had an excellent time at your birthday party. Mad props and respect to you and Erin.

5:53 AM  
Blogger Jay said...

Hope you get the upgrade Pat. Your license is like less than a month old right?

1:22 PM  

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