Sunday, February 13, 2005

Maya 6.5 upgrades and other news

I found an explanation of some of the mental ray upgrades for Maya 6.5. It looks like there might be some pretty usefull features. The subsurface scatter feature looks especially fun. I was also glad to see that Animation Mentor has finally launched there first semester. When I first read about AM I totally wanted to join. I don't think I have the money or time to enroll this semester but I hope to some time in the future. AM is an online animation school comprised of the absolute best animators in the business (think Pixar, Dream Works, Weta ... you get the idea). To use the shader I posted you should be able to just import it into whatever file you are working on. A small sphere should import along with the shader. I hope to get rid of the sphere in the future but for now it is the only way I can get it to work. I will try to download the shader at work to make sure it does not require a specific file path. I don't think it should.


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