Thursday, February 24, 2005

Fred Bastide

It felt wrong not to post an image on the blog today so here is one from Fred Bastide. I am adding him to the kick ass 3d artists links. I was trying to figure out what attracted me to certain 3d artists as compared to those I find less interesting. Having been an art history minor in college I have seen a lot of art from a lot of people. I think 3D computer graphics is really different from any other media I have studied. For one thing 3D artists are responsible for a ton of cheesy fantasy art. I find a lot of busty women and cyborbs and busty cyborg women. Anyone who knows me knows I enjoy kitsch as much or more than the next guy but a lot of the 3D stuff out there is just boring. What they lack in creativity they tend to make up for in technical knowledge so they are able to flood the internet with stuff like this. Pretty much all of the guys I have linked to are pretty big into that sci-fi esthetic but their work seems more complex and informed. Aside from being technicaly increadible these guys bring a individual sense of style. They capitilize on the things that make 3D a unique form of art but they don't rely on that as the sole point of interest. For me, really inspiring work would be interesting regardless of the fact that it was create with 3d software. Most importantly it would be void of all the recycled sci-fi themes that pop-up all the time.


Blogger Erin said...

That was a very contemplative and well-written post, Jay. But why you be bashing busty cyborg women?

6:20 AM  

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